Nami Isackson, Producer, Casting Director and Model (Paris via San-Pédro)

On guiding principles

My dear mom always told me: "Respect yourself and people will respect you". So, respect is the first principle for me. The second one is being humble and gaining independence through work. These two principles are an integral part of who I am.

On place
Because I was born and raised in Paris I define myself as a true "Parisienne". My parents are from Ivory Coast so this is also a part of me. We are extremely lucky in Paris to have different cultures, which brings diversity and helps me to find myself through this multitude of influences. I was blessed with two women in my life: my mom and my godmother (who is her best friend). They come from different backgrounds, which gave me a certain open-mindedness, as well as the tools and social cues to evolve and adapt to any situation.

Photography by Stanislas Motz-Neidhart
Styling by Laetitia Paul