Tabayer draws from the wisdom of metaphysical protection, in all its diverse iterations through the ages. Each Tabayer piece is steeped in the symbology of talismanic objects from the ancient world to the present day—distilling age-old forms of guardianship into new, universal shapes of protection, an abstract language made tangible in lucent gold and diamonds. Lithe and expressive, Tabayer jewelry appears simple but unravels into complexity as the eye lingers.

The Tabayer designs pursue a form that is platonic, that delicately balances itself between the figurative and the abstract. Their architecture is fluid; curve and void interlock organically to recast ancient iconography via the principles of modernist sculpture—that of Isamu Noguchi, Alexander Archipenko, with a nod to Jackie Windsor and Barbara Hepworth. Tabayer re-interprets the amulet in a way that transcends borders and boundaries and pursues a timeless union: between design and material, the feminine and the masculine, the immutable and the avant-garde. Tabayer pieces are vulnerability and strength combined,
adornment and sacred care fused into one—modern amulets to aid in navigating complex, thrilling waters.

Tabayer jewelry is meticulously crafted in Italy using ethically sourced materials: Fairmined gold, from small-scale mining organizations that promote social development and environmental protection, and Kimberley Process certified, conflict-free diamonds. Tabayer is ethical, sustainable jewelry that expresses protection both for the Earth and its inhabitants.

The Founder

Tabayer was founded by Nigora Tokhtabayeva. Born in Uzbekistan, Nigora developed a sense of jewelry as deeply protective and spiritual—amulets have always been part of her family tradition and culture. Nigora became impassioned about modernist American sculpture during the formative years she spent in the United States, where she formed close-knit friendships with women from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Tabayer is the fusion of these influences—the recreation of the spirit of autonomy and self-determination granted by traditional amulets in a form accessible across all cultures.

Against the deeply gendered notions that often orbit traditional fine jewelry, Tabayer was created for independent wearers who embrace their vulnerability and power that comes from within. Tabayer pieces do more than act as ornamentation: they guide and guard, as private repositories of strength for those who wear them.