Tabayer jewelry is rooted in the exploration of ancient wisdom, metaphysical protection, and tangibility of thought through the lens of visual abstraction. Drawing from the diverse symbology of protective objects, from the ancient world to present day, each Tabayer piece is an object of guardianship beyond possession, composed of the elemental bonds between vulnerability and strength.

The design philosophy of Tabayer is a pursuit of organic unity between design and material. Closer to sculpture than ornament, each piece is the interplay of curves and voids inspired by the principles of American abstract sculpture. Tabayer pieces bring together carefully considered elements into an inevitable and timeless form. As a conduit between the interior and exterior world, Tabayer jewelry seeks to reawaken us to the intrinsic value and power of precious materials, which have the power to guard as well as adorn us.

At the core of the Tabayer ethos is a deep commitment to protecting the earth and its inhabitants. All Tabayer pieces have been crafted from environmentally conscious and ethically sourced materials: Fairmined gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations that promote social development and environmental protection and conflict-free Kimberley-certified diamonds.

The Founder

Tabayer was founded by Nigora Tokhtabayeva. Born in Uzbekistan and having spent her formative years in the United States, Nigora developed a deep sense of jewelry as an expression of spiritual and cultural consciousness and a passion for modernist American sculpture. While amulets have always been part of her family tradition, Nigora cultivated her interest in the history of metaphysical protection through researching its connection to all dimensions of human thought, from mythology and history, religion and philosophy to literature and art, recognising its role in shaping the very origins of jewelry. With Tabayer, Nigora wanted to recreate the spirit of autonomy and self-determination granted by traditional amulets into a contemporary, universal form.

Against the deeply gendered notions that orbit traditional fine jewelry, Tabayer was created for independent women who embrace their vulnerability and find their power in inner resources. Tabayer pieces are adornments that lend a sense of safety and confidence, a private repository of strength. Overseeing the design team, Nigora envisioned Tabayer as jewelry shaped by the wisdom of timeless design, there to guide and guard us along the way.