Nigora Tokhtabayeva, Tabayer Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

"One of my favorite ways to spend time with my kids is by engaging them in various creative activities. We often indulge in baking sessions where we try out new recipes and experiment with different ingredients. We also enjoy spending time together creating art, such as painting and sculpting.

I believe that these activities not only allow us to bond as a family, but also help my children develop their creativity and imagination. It's a joy to see them express themselves through art and baking.

I am deeply inspired by the work of Every Mother Counts @everymothercounts, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring safe, respectful, and equitable pregnancy experiences for all. In support of this cause, I have created a special Mother's Day pendant"She is Nature". Made with 18K Fairmined Gold and adorned with green emeralds symbolizing motherhood, birth, spring, and nature, this pendant is a tribute to the beauty and power of motherhood. 10% of all sales of this pendant will be donated to Every Mother Counts"
Nigora Tokhtabayeva