Jessica Willis, Stylist, Fashion Director, The Cut, New York Times (New York via Los Angeles)

On place

“I think that place determines how I react to the environment that surrounds me. I’m from Santa Monica, CA but if I had to identify with a place it would definitely be New York. I’ve lived here for 8 years now and the energy of the city really feeds me. There’s always something happening and life cultivates on the streets out in the open inspiring every aspect of your day. New York has definitely molded me into the person and creative that I am today.”


On spiritual protection
“A place that creates a sense of spiritual protection is my house. I take great pride in sourcing furniture and objects that make me feel good. I’m on an everlasting mission of building my personal sanctuary. When I am home and surrounded by all the things that make me feel good, I activate the space by blasting music, and lighting candles and incense. It may seem simple, but this is all I need to face the world. Whatever the day has in store for me I know my sanctuary awaits as soon as I return home.”

Photography by Anna Ritsch
Styling by Rachael Wang