Size Guide: Bracelet

Your first Tabayer ring 

Measuring your finger is the most accurate way to find your size, and we recommend this over measuring another ring. 

1. Using a length of ribbon or string, form a comfortable yet secure loop around the base of the finger on which you’ll wear your Tabayer ring.

2. Keeping the ends pinched, move the loop along the length of your finger to check that it slides over your knuckle easily. 

3. Once you have the right size, use a pen to mark the points where the ends of the loop meet.

4. Lay the ribbon or string flat against a ruler and measure the distance between the two points to the closest millimeter.

5. Match the measurement to the ring size on the chart below to find your size.

Our recommendations

• Measure at the end of the day, when fingers tend to be largest; finger size can change throughout the day or with different weather.

• Your fingers are smallest when wet or cold, and largest when very warm, so avoid measuring them when this is the case.

• If you find your measurement lies between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

If you already wear a Tabayer ring 

Our sizing is consistent throughout the collections. If you already wear a Tabayer ring, you can find your size inside the band.

Choosing a Tabayer ring as a gift

The simplest way to measure a ring if you’d like to offer one as a gift is to borrow one of their rings with a similar band, or use one you know fits their finger well. Place the ring on top of the size circles provided on the last page. The outline must lie fully inside the ring. If the measurement lies between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

The printable sizing guide below can be used to match the measurement to the size chart. To ensure the printable sizing guide is accurate, check your printer’s settings before you begin. 

1. In the printing settings or print dialogue box, the page scaling should be set to “none”, “100%” or “actual size”

2. Print this page on full letter size A4 paper.

3. Once printed, use a ruler to check the measurements are accurate. The sample guide provided should measure exactly 0.78 inches (2 centimeters).