Care and Repairs


Your Tabayer jewelry is made to be worn and loved for a lifetime. The right care will ensure its longevity. When it needs some extra attention, our repair and adjustment services take care of things for you.



Simple care will help ensure the condition of your precious Tabayer jewelry is preserved:

  • Handle your Tabayer jewelry with care and avoid high impact activities when wearing it.
  • Remove your Tabayer jewelry when using soap, detergents, or corrosive products that could permanently damage precious stones or metals.
  • Regularly examine your Tabayer jewelry, checking for loose clasps, stones, and settings.
  • Clean your Tabayer jewelry regularly using a cleaner specifically designed for the metal and stones it contains.
  • When storing your Tabayer jewelry, store each piece individually in the Tabayer box it arrived in. Chains should be stored flat with the clasp closed to avoid knots.



If required, our repair services will allow your Tabayer jewelry to be maintained throughout its lifetime. Each service has the aim of returning the piece as close as possible to its original condition, preserving its function and integrity.


If the surface of your Tabayer jewelry has become scratched over time, it can be repolished to restore its original lustre, using the original process. In order to preserve the shape and integrity of your jewelry.

Requesting a Repair

In order for Tabayer to assess the best way to repair or care for your jewelry, contact us with as much information and detail as possible, as well as any photos you can provide. Details of the original purchase are helpful too, if you can provide them.

We will assess the details you provide and we will contact you to discuss the repair process and the options available, as well as how to send your jewelry to us to be repaired.




Personalizing your Tabayer jewelry is possible on many pieces by engraving names, letters, symbols, and numbers, depending on the space available and the technical requirements. Please note that personalized pieces cannot be returned.

Please contact Client Services at and we will be happy to assist.