The Oera Collection

Images: Bibi Borthwick

A curving knot, elemental in form, softly binds the body. It coils around the finger, caresses an earlobe, entwines the neck and wrist. It holds its wearer tight in precious protection. This is “Oera”, a spiritual shield that sinuously loops in an interplay of mass and void. 

Oera comes from Inanna’s knot. Inanna, first daughter of the moon, the lady of heaven, the sign of the divine feminine as it first rose in Ancient Mesopotamia. Her symbol: a bundle of reeds bound into a coiled spiral, knotting into one potent form all the elements of her multifaceted personality¾sister, warrior, and goddess.

Oera, knotted, sensually rounded, sculpted in gold, and paved with diamonds, is a reinterpreted amulet in the Tabayer alphabet of protection. For a new age, new symbols are needed—sacred forms that speak across the borders and boundaries that separate one from the other. 

Oera connects softly yet securely to the skin, as an earring, a bracelet, a pendant, a link in a chain, imagined as an individual element or repeated form. It gradually acquires a knife’s edge detailing mid-point, resulting in asymmetric ends. It is ethereal armor, distilled into contemporary form.

Oera watches over its wearer, but it is part of her too.


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