Mindy Seu, Designer, Author of Cyberfeminism Index (New York via Los Angeles)

On place
“When I first moved to New York, I felt like an ant, a tiny being moving through a massive environment. Instead of feeling defeated, I was energized and humbled to feel our part of an ecosystem that we help move and how it moves us. In this way, feeling out of place confirms what I know about myself and prompts my evolution.”

On guiding principles
“Self-initiation, discipline, and curiosity propel my life. I think back fondly to my childhood that was spent helping my parents in their flower shop in California—observing their unwavering work ethic solidified my own. These days, I intentionally surround myself with those that know more. This maintains a constant curiosity to learn from them, which plants new seeds of ideas and leads to obsessive rigor. Now, when I feel a bundle of nerves, I don’t interpret it as anxiety but rather as an indication that my body is alert and telling me to lean in that direction.”

Photography by Anna Ritsch
Styling by Rachael Wang