Alicia Mersy, Artist (New York via Montreal)

On spiritual protection
“Every morning at 11:11 a man I met in the park about a year ago sends me a text message with advice. I read it and it helps me relax and go through the difficult things of the day. And this sentence, when I get stressed out or annoyed: Thank you for everything I have no complaints whatsoever.”

On place

“Place is a big thing for me. I feel connected to my dad’s land, Lebanon (I never met him, so a lot of my work is searching for my Lebanese family) and to my mom's land, France. I also feel a lot of deep love for Montreal, where I grew up. I live in New York; this is where I gave birth and where I raise my kids so it will always have a special place in me.”

Photography by Anna Ritsch
Styling by Rachael Wang