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On the Symbolic of Protection
Lina Scheynius


Four talents convey the collection's bold metaphor for movement: Hugo Marchand, Paris Opera Ballet principal dancer, Alicia Vikander, Swedish Oscar-winning actress, Sharon Alexie, French artist and XiaoXing Mao, Chinese model.


Louis Vuitton presents LV Volt, a new, graphic collection of unisex jewellery where the iconic LV initials are a metaphor for movement and a symbol of energy. The new collection pulsates with the energy of the initials’ powerful shape, becoming a unit of measure of its own beat and tempo. The LV letters come together, split apart, link up and intertwine in a myriad of textures, volumes, finishes and dimensions, offering infinite combinations for seamless mixing and matching.


Louis Vuitton’s renowned craftsmanship is on display in the LV Volt Collection through an expert play of precise, sharp lines and soft, smooth contours. The unequivocally unisex collection draws on the Maison’s most abstracted form of the L and the V to find its energy, establish its rhythm and express its beat.

Savoir-FaireLouis Vuitton’s renowned craftsmanship is on display in the LV Volt

Collezione prefall donna 2021 fotografata da chris rhodes, milano, novembre 2020