Summa is a new annual journal of art and literature, dedicated to spiritual and metaphysical protection. The journal takes its name from a popular medieval genre of literature: a “Summa” is a handbook, a summary of a subject. Placing work by significant contemporary writers, philosophers and artists alongside modern and ancient literature, Summa provides a guide to the metaphysics of objects, exploring the protective properties assigned to entities of personal, esoteric and divine significance. 

Summa is a project by Tabayer. Launching soon
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Redefining the amulet

Drawing from the diverse symbology of protective objects, from the ancient world to present day, Tabayer designs are objects of guardianship beyond possession, composed of the elemental bonds between vulnerability and strength. Tabayer redefines the amulet in the Oera knot and brings a new symbol of protection—a universal cypher, that goes beyond differing regional and cultural traditions.

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