Nigora Tabayer

Brand Story:

The house of TABAYER goes beyond solely making beautiful jewelry; the label was founded to represent personal and individual values. With every piece, there are multiple layers of meaning, exploring the complexity, charisma, and creativity of the wearer.

In 2019, TABAYER was launched in Paris, and it was quickly recognized by both media and celebrities alike – an immediate testament to its power. Creative director Nigora Tabayer always designs with heartfelt depth in mind; she taims to capture a spirit of diverse womanhood, imbuing protection and strength with every stone.

The Eye Collection:

The Eye Collection—the first from TABAYER—pairs protective eye symbols alongside alphabetical characters. The collection consists of pendants (in varying sizes), earrings and bracelets, and was conceived with positivity in mind. It is meant to both excite and soothe, connecting with a personal memory or flashback. It is realized as fine jewelry—but with deep resonance.

The hybridized letter-and-eye amulets fuse ancient lore and contemporary finery across elegant silhouettes. There are 26 in total, corresponding with the English alphabet, and each piece is given a timeless yet fresh look with sweeping lines and striking gemstones.

Every design combines pave diamonds with emeralds as centerpieces. Clients may select a letter or letters, reflecting an emotion, a trait, a name, the name of a loved one, the initial of a place—the meanings can be multiple, and their significance profound.

TABAYER creative director Nigora Tabayer debuted with this series because, as a child, her mother would not let her leave the house without a protective eye talisman for safety; the concept represents a cherished reminder of her youth.

The collection is available for sale in selected locations globally, or directly through contacting TABAYER.

Creative Director Bio:

Nigora Tabayer is the founder and creative director of TABAYER.

Born in Central Asia and raised with an international upbringing—she has called New York City, Miami, London and Paris home—Tabayer creates through a global and progressive lens. Her studies would bring her to the United States, where she obtained a business degree. She also studied ballet, and remains a passionate dance enthusiast. Yet from her myriad childhood and early adulthood travels, and in her highly imaginative household (both her parents were in creative fields, her mother a fashion designer and her father an architect), Tabayer was drawn back to artistry and to the idea of making something finite come to life. She gravitated towards jewelry, perhaps as a result of her father’s blueprints and sketches around their homes; jewelry and architecture share a mathematical and linear approach. This is the origin story of TABAYER.

Tabayer’s evolution as a designer has always been guided by an aim for excellence—and not just in design, but in everyday life, too. She champions womanhood, individuality, strength and savvy, and she translates these traits into what she conceives.

Her love for the discipline runs deep; Tabayer has been a longtime jewelry aficionado. She designed her first piece—a pendant interpretation of the letter “N,” set with emeralds and brilliant cut diamonds that was inspired by her family—in 2016. At first, it was just a sketch, but upon being encouraged by the diamond house of GRAFF to develop the idea further, Tabayer crafted her debut lineup: The Eye Collection. With its talismanic eye motifs symbolizing protection, and a full run of the English alphabet, Tabayer officially launched TABAYER in Paris in 2019. Protection would become a key element in the process; Tabayer is a mother of three children, and nothing could be more important.

The Eye Collection will remain Tabayer’s signature offering, but the designer is launching an expanded product offering in September, 2019, including earrings and rings to complement the existing range of pendants and bracelets.

Throughout her work, Tabayer feels that it is essential to always blend beautiful aesthetics (often inspired by nature, travel and art) with a protective, safeguarding element—whether that be through symbolism, storytelling, or otherwise. Her approach is to create pieces that fit the lifestyle of a modern woman, and to make fine jewelry that is wearable and practical and intended to exist in the day-to-day. Her haute couture-trained eye and her dynamic background shape the process, and the results are pieces that capture more than just the brilliance of gemstones. They reflect the layers of her—and the wearer’s—personality, in shades of striking white, rich green or ocean blue.

Tabayer has a particular admiration for emeralds. She views them as amulets, which are historically seen as protective pieces. She also believes that green is a positive color, linking protection with optimism and vibrancy.